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As, Mar 24, 11:14:59, CET 2015


Tarte bat hartu nahi nuke STK itzulpena egiteko....
Ez dizuet negarrik egingo.

Itxaropena maiatzetik aurrera hobe ibiliko naizela da baina....

STK sarean jokatzekoa dator. Aldaketa kristona da, lagunekin jolastea beti
baita hobe.

bertsio berria ez da 0.8.2 izango 0.9 baizik.
izan libre izan euskaldun!


itzulpen posta zerrendako azken mezua:

Hi all,

we are finally getting close to the release candidate for 0.9 (yes, 0.9
- because breaking compatibility with most existing kart- and
track-models we have decided to rename the next release from 0.8.2 to
0.9, even though the networking support isn't was far as we wanted to
have it for 0.9 according to our original milestones. Details will be
posted on our blog later).

So at this stage we are now happy to declare a string freeze - hooray ;)
Transifex has updated the translations, and the first 6 languages are
already translated 100% - thanks a lot!

For all others, if you have time could you try to update the
translations? We intend to do a release candidate early next week. There
will likely be a few more weeks before the final release (depending on
the feedback we will get of course). Typically we will include all
translations that are at least around 50% done.

If you should not be aware of it: due to ongoing problems with our
previous translation page, we have moved our translations to transifex.
Details can be found at http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/Translating_STK

Thanks a lot for your help!
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