[Librezale] FSFE - Meeting at Euskal Encounter 2011-07-24

Rainer Kersten rk a bildua office.fsfeurope.org
As, Uzt 19, 14:42:11, CEST 2011

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Good afternoon, friends!

Hoping, to find your attraction, I would like to
inform you, that some Fellows of FSFE and friends
of Free Software will meet at Sunday, the 24th, 17:00
at the FSFE booth at Euskal Encounter at Bilbao BEC.

The aim is to found a Fellowship Group for
Euskadia, Cantabria and Galicia, who will get active
in supporting Free Software. All other details will be
coordinated then. The access to the booth is free.

Feel free to come and add your ideas, opinions and critic.
Feel free to spread this invitation to all friends of Free

Best regards
Rainer Kersten

Free Software Foundation Europe e.V., Talstrasse 110, D-40215 Duesseldorf
Registergericht Hamburg VR 17030, Praesident: Karsten Gerloff

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