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here are some detailed information for the localization of Thunderbird
38 (detailed instructions for the strings at the bottom):

It moves to beta channel on March 31, 2015.
If it releases on the same day as Firefox 38, that would be May 12,
2015. So please finish the localization by the end of April. If you
have time to get it done earlier, it can be tested in Thunderbird 38

This is the status of the locales:

Complete and signed-off: Chinese Traditional (zh-TW), Gaelic (ga-IE;
sign-off pending), Russian (ru), Slovakian (sk), Spanish [Spain]
(es-ES), Swedish (sv-SE)

Complete but not yet signed-off: Danish (da), Romanian (ro), Spanish
[Argentina] (es-AR), Welsh (cy)

Translated Thunderbird 37 (only beta version): Chinese Simplified
(zh-CN), Croatian (hr), Czech (cs), Dutch (nl), English [GB] (en-GB),
Estonian (et), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Frisian (fy-NL), German
(de), Hungarian (hu), Icelandic (is), Italian (it), Japanese (ja and
ja-JP-mac), Korean (ko), Lithuanian (lt), Lower and Upper Sorbian (dsb
and hsb), Polish (pl), Portugese [Portugal] (pt-PT), Slovenian (sl)

Translated Thunderbird 36 (only beta version): Armenian (hy-AM),
Basque (eu), Brazilian Portugese [pt-BR], Catalon (ca), Scottish
Gaelic (gd), Turkish (tr)

Sign-offs for 31 or later: Arabic, Belarusian (be), Bulgarian (bg),
Norwegian (Bokmal and Norsk), Romansh (rm)

Other languages which are not far away from a complete localization:
Asturian (ast), Galician (gl), Ukrainian (uk)

If you haven't translated Thunderbird since the 31 release, you can
expect ~340 strings. If the Firefox localization in your locale is up
to date, you can copy or port some similar strings as explained below.

The new chat strings are mostly informative error messages.

The strings in aboutDialog.dtd are mostly similar to the ones in

For aboutDownloads.dtd, you can mostly copy strings from these folders:

The newly added strings for addressbook are about searching all
address books at once.

am-server-top.dtd (like preferences/advanced.dtd) contains strings for
choosing and showing the message store format: One file per folder or
one file per message.

The strings in charsetTitles.properties got removed from its toolkit
file and had to be added to this new Thunderbird file.

In messenger.dtd, you find the labels for the folder columns which got
move to the Extra Folder Columns addon in the past and now got readded
to Thunderbird.

messengercompose/composeMsgs.properties saw a rename of string
identities from numeric to named ids. Some strings got shortened, and
a few got theirs variables ids adopted to the default style. After the
checkin, it was noticed that a few strings had mentioned and still do
the settings for the incoming server when they should do for the
outgoing server. These have been fixed in Thunderbird 39, but to not
break string freeze, they are still unchanged on Thunderbird. They
are: smtpAuthChangeEncryptToPlainNoSsl,
smtpAuthChangeEncryptToPlainSsl, smtpAuthChangePlainToEncrypt

In the preferences, much of advanced.dtd and colors.dtd can be copied
from its browser equivalent.

For translations of overrides/netError.dtd, you find similar
translations in dom/chrome/netError.dtd

There are issues with some search engines (which can not be set in the
preferences) and search terms containing non-ASCII characters. See
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1138608 if you are
interested in more information.

Thank you for your localization
dev-l10n mailing list
dev-l10n at lists.mozilla.org

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