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As, Ira 9, 14:40:16, CEST 2014

Kaixo Julen

Thank you for the information.  The people from trasno have still not
responded (although maybe my e-mail was caught or something).  While I
would quite love to go, I'm also quite busy and have ultimately chosen
to prioritize some other things.  Thus I will unfortunately not be
joining, barkatu.  I'm always interested in meeting other translators
though, if and when it is possible.

(Have you considered inviting the coordinator for the Basque GNOME team?)

Ondo izan!

2014-09-04 20:10 GMT+02:00 Julen Ruiz Aizpuru <julenx a bildua gmail.com>:
> 2014-09-04 19:40 GMT+02:00 Ask Hjorth Larsen <asklarsen a bildua gmail.com>:
>> Kaixo!
>> I am not completely convinced that my contribution/participation is so
>> important.  Danish is a small language but clearly not a minority
>> language.  I wrote to the trasno people yesterday but have not heard
>> anything.  My contribution could be more from a technical perspective
>> (we have efficient work flows and tools), but this is not the focus of
>> the meeting.  Nevertheless they were seeking people from various
>> projects, and so they must have their reasons - I just haven't really
>> heard them.
> If some technical workflows help people be more effective and have
> less issues in their l10n jobs, I understand that's part of the topic.
> Nevertheless, you can wait to hear from them for your peace of mind.
>> If there's no very compelling reason for me to go, I might make other
>> plans (although from a cultural/spare-time perspective I have wanted
>> to go see Galicia for a while).
> If it helps, I'll be there from mid-Friday till mid-Monday.
>> Julen:  If I do sign up, I might like a hint regarding efficient
>> transport from Donostia if you have it well thought out.
> Not sure I can help you much here, I never did that trip from
> Donostia. Besides, I'm flying from the center of Europe.
> According to rome2rio[1] flying from Bilbo is the best option you
> have, but YMMV. I'd suggest you to check out long distance bus
> companies such as ALSA. Train is another option, you should check
> Renfe's website.
> HTH,
> Julen.
> [1] http://www.rome2rio.com/s/San-Sebasti%C3%A1n/Santiago-de-Compostela?dates=2014-10-3/2014-10-6

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